Why Shoei is the No.1 brand of Motorcycle helmet

When it comes to quality helmet most motorcycle enthusiast and owners picks Shoei as one of their primary choice. Shoei has been known all over the world for its reliability and its durability. It has been known for its solid built, simple but clean stylish look that is very appealing to most bikers. Aside from its aesthetic built, Shoei helmets are very much known for its safety.

Another feature that is known about this helmet is its unique V-shaped ventilation system that makes it easier for users to breathe easily. It gives cooling sensation to riders while expelling hot air out easily. Some of the features that Shoei have in its high end styles are the Aero Vortex ventilation which is a premium design upgrade that helps the rider feel more comfortable. Another feature that Shoie helmet has is its pin lock visor, this feature enables rider to see the road clearly cause it prevents misting which is one of the problems with other helmets have.

Here are some of the reasons why Shoei is the No.1 brand of Motorcycle helmet:

  • Shoei helmets are known for its great noise reduction capability. This feature is very useful for drivers cause they can hear sirens and horns very clearly without using an earplug even when driving at full speed.Aesthetically pleasing. It is available in many colors as well as in many sizes for people with oval or medium shell needs.They have internal sun visor which helps reduce the glare of the sun. This feature is ideal when driving during under the sun.

    Its pivoting locking system is 360° which is a standard government requirement for motorcycle driver owners.

There are only a couple of disadvantage that I can point out and these are:

  • Lack of vents for chin guards
  • Very expensive

About the Company’s

Shoei is from the country Japan which makes helmets since 1958. It is founded by Eitaro Kamata who first made motorcycle helmet to meet the requirements of the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) for the racing sector.

The company Honda Motors adopted their helmets in 1965 making this brand more popular and recognizable as a genuine quality helmet and by 1968, Shoei finally constructed the Ibaraki factory. Currently Shoei only has about 500 workers worldwide which is still considered small despite its worldwide recognition.

Here are some of the most prominent MotoGP class, Moto2, Moto3 riders known who chose to use Shoei helmet:

  • Arthur Sissis
  • Alex Marquez
  • Mattia Pasini
  • Thomas Luthi
  • Bradley Smith
  • Marc Marquez

All About the Shoei Helmet

Ever since the start of the company, even though Shoei is known and sold worldwide it has always been manufactured and designed in Japan. Shoei is a pioneer when it comes to the use of Kevlar and carbon fiber. This company is among the first manufacturer of helmets to use very light carbon fiber helmets.

Shoe is also known to be one of the pioneer in having a Dual Liner and Coverless shield systems. In 2003 they have launched their flagship model which is the X-Spirit and is considered as the world’s most advanced helmet. They have won the prestigious award in 2003 as product of the year by MCN. Then they introduced the RF-1000 and X-Eleven at 2004. Further development lead to the present X-twelve and the famous Shoei Helmet RF-1200. Just last 2010 they have released the Raid II and the QWEST which is for the sporting helmet series.

Shoei Helmet RF-1200 was voted one of the top 5 Full-face Motorcycle Helmet on PickMyHelmet.com

Features of the Shoei Helmet and Why Shoei is the No.1 brand of Motorcycle helmet : (from the smallest to biggest detail)

  • Chin Strap- You may not think this is an important feature of a helmet, but this is very important and significant when having a helmet. The use of a chinstrap is important cause it helps secure the helmet. Without it when at full speed, your helmet might fall off and/or turn from side to side impeding your vision. Shoei helmets uses premium chin strap with extensible and durability that is attached to the helmet shell very well with the use of metal rivets.
  • Interior System- This brand makes riding experience comfortable and secure. Shoie has made their helmet really comfortable which is equipped with adjustable, washable, partially or fully removable linings and parts as well as 3D dimensional shape that fits the most common head shape giving the rider adequate head coverage. It holds to the head family for a secured distraction free ride.
  • EPS Liner- The liner used in Shoei helmets are made to absorb impacts while giving a cooling sensation feeling to the rider cause of its great ventilation system
  • Shield- All shields used by Shoei passed strict testing test by the Snell certification standard and the DOT. The shields boasts a distortion free view with it 360 degrees field where they used a 3D injection molding procedure in making their shields.
  • Ventilation- They use an advance ventilation system using a state of the art wind tunnel to channel cold air in the helmet and push hot air out. This system helps keep the rider cool even on hot weather. This is one of its best feature that separates Shoei and makes it on the top list.
  • Shell- The shell is not only lightweight but it is extremely durable which is very important for riders to absorbs impact and is perfect defense. It is available in different shell sizes to fit any sizes of head and shape. Aside from that Shoei helmets are available in variety of colors while still maintaining its clean cut look.

These features makes this helmet a must have helmet for any rider. It is not only beautiful but it very important for riders safety.

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