Greatest Churches in Saigon You should Visit on Christmas

Christmas is a special occasion for visiting many majestic churches with luminous lights, artificial stone caves, and colorful Christmas trees located in Saigon. This article will definitely give you useful information about some typical Churches in Ho Chi Minh City which look so beautiful.

Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral (Dong Khoi Street, District 1)

This cathedral is the largest, oldest and most majestic building in Saigon. During the construction, the architects mostly imported all materials such as cement, irons, stews or screws from France.

This place is a perfect combination of colored glasses with the stew frames, Marseille brick, and Bien Hoa blue stone. Moreover, the windows influenced by Roman architecture together with Gothic style can totally remind us about the large cathedral in Paris.

Interestingly, this place does not contain any candles. The former architects here used electrical energies for lighting. Today, Notre-dame Cathedral is not only a place for praying, but it also becomes one of the most familiar symbols in the heart of Saigoners.

Huyen Si Cathedral (Ton That Tung Street, District 1)

Located in a high land of the intersection between Frère Louis (now called Nguyễn Trãi) and Frère Guilleraut (now called Tôn Thất Tùng), this cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in Saigon.

Its design mostly comes from the original small church in France. However, it also contains the architectural style of modern Gothic. This place is one of the conventional monument using Bien Hoa granites for constructing the front and bottom of main pillars. Such kind of stone is extremely sturdy, so although there contains no detailed traditional decoration, Huyen Si Cathedral can easily show its wealth and power.

Tan Dinh Cathedral (289 Hai Ba Trung, District 3)

Located in one of the busiest street, Hai Ba Trung, people consider this cathedral as the most majestic building in Saigon. The whole architecture here is a perfect combination of both Gothic and Roman style, together with the Baroque architecture in some decorations. The pink color and some white textures can totally make its whole construction more outstanding on the blue sky, and then create a majestic and lively beauty.
Looking from the front side, tourists can easily see the main tower together with other small ones. Moreover, the space inside is pretty enormous with two different rows of Gothic pillars leading to the main worship place. Apart from the front side, many specialists have recognized these pillars as the most beautiful things of the whole structure. In reality, most altars in this cathedral contain the materials imported from Italy.

Cha Tam Church (25 Hoc Lac Street, District 5)

Located in Cho Lon area, this place of worship is pretty special because of a unique and interesting combination of both Western and Eastern culture. Like other cathedrals in Europe, Cha Tam Church contains the design similar to Gothic structures together with Chinese styles. For example, the gate of this church follows the design of usual architecture in China, its name is in Chinese, and the color of 4 pillars in the main stage is red which is not very popular in Congress.

Cha Tam Church, or like other people usually call Phanxicô Xaviê Cathedral finished its construction in the late of 20th century. The first priest was Pierre d’ Assou who is also the man spending his personal money on building this place. That is why local usually name this as Cha Tam Cathedral. After opening this place, Tam Asson was still the founder of a certain school, a kindergarten, dorm or some apartments.

This place is also historical evidence because it is the final place Ngo Dinh Nhu and Ngo Dinh Diem coming to for praying before surrendering themselves to the opposition in the year of 1963. However, one member of this group killed them on the way picking them from Cha Tam Church to the joint staff.

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