When you want to be a frequent fishing wader, a pair of fishing waders can support your comfort and favorite during the trip. In general, they consist of waterproof boots and other accessories basing on your wading needs. To get the good styles, you must spend some time to consider different features.

However, even if you have the best breathable waders or neoprene waders, that means you can gain the best effect during the trip. It’s important to use your best boots effectively. In this article, we gather information to help you know how to use fishing waders. Read more


The hobby of fishing collectibles has become a thriving business, one that has attracted its share of unscrupulous people. Sellers should seek out a legitimate appraiser before selling their potentially rare equipment. Rarity and quality are the two primary indicators of the equipment’s value.
You may have a gold mine hidden away in your closet – if you can stand to part with it. Read more

A fly fisherman feels frustration at not being able to throw the line well and admits that he lacks the patience and precision to do so. He contents himself with his 75-foot tossing limit, which is short of the 90-foot ideal.
It’s hard not to take issue with the masters who tell us, while casting 90 feet of fly line with their thumbs and forefingers, “This isn’t hard when you make these simple moves. . . .” Then they show us a pig-tailed Brownie hauling the whole fly line. Read more


Trinity Alps planning . . . houseboats, horsepackers, rafts In the Trinities, houseboating, horsepacking, and rafting are pleasant through the quiet days of September and usually into October. (See our article starting on page 52.) Operators should still have openings late in the season; if you’re making plans, call ahead to check availabilities as soon as possible. Read more

In the clear-water cove, dark, saucer-shaped redears and blue-gills stood out boldly over a pale-gray gravel bottom. The water was barely a foot deep where the redears, hung, slightly deeper where the bluegills lurked, all diligently guarding their nests. Dropping the orange sponge-rubber spider over the nearest fish, I watched as its pectorals began rotating faster. Easing slowly up, the panfish eyed the bug’s quivering rubber legs, then sucked it in. Read more

An easy way to make realistic moving water

When plans called for a waterfall on my N scale Duck Creek & Marshland RR, I was stuck. Since the DC&M is a series of portable modules, I needed something light and sturdy. I’d seen waterfalls made with polymer resins, or “angel hair” material, but none had the smooth, glittering appearance I wanted. While fishing one day, an idea hit me. Read more


A fishing enthusiast describes a trip to Florida to fish for tarpon in Florida Bay and off Pirate’s Cove. The water boiled with tarpon, but the only one he succeeded in catching broke his line.
Hundred-twenty-pound tarpon jumps into the boat. Thrashes about. Breaks the client’s leg. Jumps back into Florida Bay wearing a deck chair for a necktie. Evidently, these fellows are not brook trout. Read more